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As human beings my #1 belief is that we are creators and can change any "fate" due to our free will. You are never locked in. 
BUT- we are also wired to have more strength or weakness in some areas over others. We are more inclined to align in certain ways. Your Destiny Card gives you an idea of the wiring you came here with.

In a destiny card reading you will:

  • Receive an overview of your card and what that says about your personality and inclinations

  • Choose up to 5: people in your life and I will check to see if they are in your karma cards

  • Choose 2: a date or even a whole year to look into and see what the cards say/have said (many people choose past dates such as breakups or future dates such as a baby's due date) but you may also choose a full year.

All of this information is presented to you in a personalized report over email.

Investment: $111

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