"If you thought we were going to end up in the trees- we would have probably ended up in the trees."

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Have you seen the Will Smith youtube video and his super inspirational speech about his skydiving experience? I did.. and so when my friend asked me to join her skydiving there was only the slightest hesitation before giving her a solid "yes".

After all... #lastyear

There was this voice inside my head that absolutely, confidently let me know that other people do this kind of stuff.. ya know.. brave people. The same people that have everything work out for them, are financially abundant, and seem to have the support of everyone around them. And that is the exact cue I needed to say- "oh but you have me all wrong voice in my head".

When you preach to the people around you that you can be do or have anything... you don't get to say it and then just sneak out of the room and be basic. You have to meet those ideas that challenge what you say you believe in. So how could I say no when the only thing holding me back was a voice that is responsible for all of those- playing it safe- decisions that the me at my core does not admire at all?

And ya know what Will Smith is right. The most fear I felt that day was on the ground. When my tandem instructor started putting my harness on. We had waited hours for the sky to clear and when it was time for it to really start happening- that's when I got scared. But that was the height of it. Getting in the plane- good

Riding to 13,000 feet- good

Scooting to the edge of the plane- yep, a bit nervous but let's do this!

And then it's beautiful, and way too quick, and so much fun.

And I must admit it really helped that as my friends were getting instructions from their divers- I glanced over at mine waiting for him to repeat the same stuff and was met with, "All YOU have to do, is believe". YESSSSSS. I got the good one. After our jump I told him that I knew it was going to be a great experience after he told me that. And he responded, "It's true, if you thought we were going to end up in the trees- we would have probably ended up in the trees." #jackpot

My experience of skydiving reminded me that we make things big and weird in our heads and when we actually experience them we're like- oh ... this is it? Even for some of the worst things I've experienced- I can assure you that the anticipation of how horrible it's going to be- was more painful then the sadness or heartbreak that settles beneath our skin when it actually happens.

The morning of skydiving I did have this- "Oh no, I should have prepared more!" thought. Like how? Watch more youtube videos?

And about a week after I was able to apply this to another scary thing- asking for my financial compensation at work to match the value I bring to the table. The day of I had the same -you should hold off, do more research- avoid this uncomfortable scenario thoughts... and I remembered- it's okay to jump- it will be better once you jump. And I did- and there is a massive amount of relief when you just do what you need to/want to do.. instead of anticipating it.

So do it (you know- that thing you've been wanting to go for, that thing that will bring you relief, happiness, energy, extasy). Go for it. Don't worry too much about it. And imagine the very best outcome.

Happy jumping.

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